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    Sluggish Response times

      I don't know how exactly to word this request - but I'll tell you what is happening. It is weird though.

      DB - - zOS
      EBS - 12.1.2 - SLES 10-SP3 - Intel platform

      For the past two weeks, all of our TEST/DEV users have complained about sluggish performance - u click on the link to access the instance and 45 seconds later you have a login page - u enter your credentials - and sit there for another 45 seconds and you're taken to the nagivator page. Previously, you had to sit for hardly 5-10 seconds to get to a login page and again 5-10 secs to get to the navigator page.

      Then again last Thursday, we had users in one instance who were testing all day - when I received a call at 4:00 pm that same evening - letting me know that they were getting to an 'error page contact your system administrator' - so I bounced the app stack - and I encountered the same error along with a lengthy error page with java bean errors. I brought the app stack down and ran autoconfig on the app tier - and brought the apps tier back up and voila.......everything was back to normal.

      The TOP command on the DB tier and APPS tier show almost no activity - no steals......

      My question is - obviously something has changed SOMEWHERE - but WHAT.....where do I start looking? Where can I track lost packets? How do I figure out what is causing the slowdowns?

      Where do I start looking for the needle in THIS haystack? :)

      Thanks again guys.