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    Pushing attributes to iPlanet User using setProcessFormData

      I'm using the following code to update an attribute from an adapter to iPlanet User. It updates the attribute on OIM side so when I go to resources tab and click on resource, I can see that it updated the value there but it doesn't push it to iPlanet User resource. I think I'm missing one more step to say push to iPlanet User too.

      I dont want to wait till the recon is ran to push that attribute to LDAP.
            tcFormInstanceOperationsIntf f = (tcFormInstanceOperationsIntf) tcUtilityFactory.getUtility(provider, "Thor.API.Operations.tcFormInstanceOperationsIntf");
            HashMap attrhash = new HashMap();
            attrhash.put(attrKey, attrValue);
            f.setProcessFormData(Long.parseLong(pKey), attrhash);
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