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    URGENT -- Rounding down issue in BI Publisher


      I am currently working for a client that has required us to work on a check voucher.
      There is an issue with the amount ROUNDING UP decimals when it is supposed to not be rounded up.
      I have already checked the metalink, https://support.oracle.com/CSP/main/article?cmd=show&type=NOT&doctype=TROUBLESHOOTING&id=404928.1 oracle documents and Google in relation to this and I have not found a single solution for avoiding the round up.

      As an example: amount is supposedly 11,060,689.89 but when application generates the RTF file, it becomes 11,060,689.90.

      There is a report that is produced parallel to the check voucher and it displays the correct amount : 11,060,689.89 and the codes are essentially the same, so I can only narrow it down to the RTF template.
      Any kind of help would be crucial to this project.

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