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    Custom Managed Servers

      what are advantages of creating Custom Managed Servers ?

      we have WC_Spaces, WC_Portlet etc etc that comes with webcenter suite. We also have default MDS created.

      Why do we need to craete Custom Managed Servers and also custom MDS ? Meaning, we can always depoly our application on WC_Server.

      Then why doc talks about Custom Managed Servers ?
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          It depends on what stuff you are going to deploy.
          If you create an application which requires a lot of resources, it is wise to deploy it to a dedicated managed server which can then be tuned specifically for that application.
          Another consideration might be to keep the standard managed servers as clean as possible.
          If you do not deploy any custom code to the standard managed servers and something goes wrong in these standard servers, it might be easier for Oracle support to analyse the issue.
          In short, for production I'ld recommend to always use a custom managed server.
          For development, you might want to deploy your application in a standard managed server, but it is not recommended (you always want to develop against an environment which is most similar to production, right?)

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            Sudipto Desmukh
            I don't have an exact answer to this , but one of the reasons I can think of is modularity for each of the functionalities of WC. Suppose you need to get Spaces related server down. A custom Portal development team / module should not be affected.
            Similarly it will allow in better memory management and downtime/maintainance.

            Not sure about MDS though.
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              I do agree with all to have a separate custom managed server for your portal application, its easy for maintain and debug,

              Do we require to have Custom MDS if we want to create a custom managed server?
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                Navaneetha Krishnan Nataraj
                The managed servers are logical partition for managing the individual functionality a managed server is supposed to perform & also you could have managed servers in different machines for the same weblogic domain connected by node manager.

                Do we require to have Custom MDS if we want to create a custom managed server?
                NO - But if are using any data sources - you should target the data sources for the newly created managed server in case it uses the data source connecting to MDS. (Example - Any managed server using Analytic's Features require connection to MDS thru activitiesDS data source).