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    Undeploying SOA composite outside em Console


      In case my EM console is not coming up due to some error in a particular composite. Is it possible to undeploy the BPEL composite outside the em console?

      Is the jar file stored in some path in UNIX server (my server is hosted in unix). And can i directly remove the jar file and restart the server.

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          HI Amit,

          I think this is possible by using Weblogic Admin Console (http://host:port/console).
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            Hi Ashish,

            Could you please mention in detail, how do i do that from console. By console i believe you mean weblogic Admin console. Can we undeploy the BPEL composite deployed on Integration_Domain from there?
            If yes please could you brief the process.

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              yes, I mean Weblogic Admin Console.

              Can you try to access the Admin Console (http://host:port/console) and see if you were able to see the same BPEL application deployed in Deployment section.

              or attach the Screen shot of the console > deployment.

              or give us the output of the following:

              1. open cmd/putty
              2. setDomainEnv.cmd or . ./setDomainEnv.sh
              3. java weblogic.WLST
              4. connect('username','password','t3://host:port')
              5. cd('AppDeployments')
              6. ls()
              Need exact output of ls().

              or using weblogic.Deployer utility:

              java weblogic.Deployer -adminurl t3://host:port -username user_name -password ur_password -undeploy -name Application_Name

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                Ravi Jegga
                Hi Amit
                1. NO, you cannot UnDeploy Workflow Composite JAR from Weblogic Admin Console (httP://host:port/console). You can UnDeploy only from EM and using ANT Scripts.

                2. Undeploy using EM and ANT Scripts will also do some background cleanup like removing the processes, some details from backend soa_infra database once the process is undeployed. So use only EM or ANT Scripts. DO NOT use Admin Console or Directly deleting the physical file from server folder.

                3. See the below links/posts for more details: You can Deploy or UnDeploy using ANT scripts

                a) http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E12839_01/integration.1111/e10224/sca_lifecycle.htm#CACJIACG
                See the sample command here. You do need the admin username/password for the soa server where you want to deploy/undeploy the above jar file. The ANt scripts available in the Middleware_Home\SOA_Suite_Home\bin something like: C:\Oracle\Middleware115BPM\Oracle_SOA1\bin
                b) Re: how to undeploy soa project using ant instead using em manually

                Ravi Jegga
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                  Thanks Ravi,

                  I got the method to undeploy composites outside of EM console. The same can be done using WLST.

                  Please check the mentioned document in metalink: *How to deploy/undeploy composites using WLST [ID 1315622.1]*

                  Also my initial problem was that a BPEL process was throwing error in the logs and my EM console was not coming up. So thought that undeploying the BPEL and then restarting the SOA managed would help the em console to come up.

                  What we did to resolve this issue was redeployed the "em" application in weblogic. And the em console was back up. I am working on deploying/undeploying the composites through WLST. Will update once i have done it.