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    Unable to update SADMIN password in Oracle Enteprise Manager


      We are using Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g Release to monitor our dev, test and production Siebel environments. When we had initially integrated EM with our Siebel environments, we had used the SADMIN users account to discover the Siebel enterprise.

      As per the password policies of my client, we need to change the DB account password every 90 days. Which has led us to try updating the SADMIN password in EM too.

      We are using the EMCLI tool to update the password in EM. Since EMCLI has a drawback of being able to update the password on 1 Siebel target(Siebel server/compgroup/component) at a time, Oracle has provided us a perl script which will take a list of Siebel targets as an input and invoke the EMCLI tool multiple times to update the SADMIN password on all the targets in one shot.

      The steps we followed for updating the SADMIN account are:

      1. Updated the SADMIN password in the application at enterprise level using server manager
      2. Updated the SADMIN password in the SIebel Database
      3. Restarted the Siebel enterprise
      4. Used the Perl script to update the SADMIN password in Enterprise Manager using EMCLI
      5. Restarted the Oracle EM Agent installed on the Siebel appserver

      Once the above steps were done, I was able to login to the Siebel application as SADMIN. However, EM failed to read the correct status of the Siebel Compgroups/components/server. All the components status was showing as 'DOWN" in EM. Only the gateway server was showing as 'UP'.

      I found the following error reported in emagentfetchlet.log: "GetMetrics Error: Enterprise credentials are not valid"

      The following syntax is being used to get EMCLI change the SADMIN password in EM:
      emcli modify_target -name=<Name of Siebel Target> -type="siebel_server" -properties=SIEBEL_USER="SADMIN":SIEBEL_PASSWORD="XXXX" -on_agent

      The output we see after EMCLI updates the password is:
      "Target "WorkActn_WOrkflow_xxxx:siebel_component" modified successfully"

      Has anybody faced a similar situation before? Need some help in this please.

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          Is the metric collection error seen for all the siebel targets for which emcli command has been executed to change the password, or its specific to some targets?

          Can you please share the environment where this issue has seen?

          Also can we try changing the password manually for one target (target, for which metric error has seen) in monitoring configuration page and check the status of the target?