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        Matthew Morris

        You cannot post actual test questions -- here or anywhere. Not even one. Not even as an example. If you see this before the moderator, please edit the post to remove it. This is violating the OCP candidate agreement and puts your certification status at risk.

        And the questions are tricky even if you've been speaking English natively for 40+ years. It's just the way this test was made.
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          Alberto ...... wrote:
          This is one of the questions I failed:
          Matthew has already correctly warned you about this.

          I have already marked your post for abuse and put a message in the community forum for you message to moved for moderation.
          ( Sometimes adding a reply post makes it harder for moderators to move it AFIAK. )

          Please edit your post asap to remove the question. (But thw webbots will have it almost as soon as you posted it).


          I have sent a report to OCP fraud and I recommend Oracle replace the question from the exam set and move to exam question samples. I don;t know what the average cost of prepariing a certification questio is to oracle ... and it would be company conifdential, but i suspect it is somewhat closer to $250 than $50 by the time it has been through vetting and reviews by oeer review by experts and allowing for rejects as well.
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            Hi Matthew,

            Thank you for making me notice it. To be honest I did not know about it and I have found the question googling on the internet. I have updated my post and removed the question.

            The last thing I want is to put my certification status at risk.

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              Brandye Barrington-Oracle
              I see that the question has been removed (you're lucky I had a day off!). You may still get a warning email from ocpfraud. Please do be careful with exam questions. Protecting the exams helps to protect the value of your certification.

              Brandye Barrington
              Certification Forum Moderator
              • 19. Re: 1Z0-047 Exam
                I couldn't get appropriate thread for my query so posting it here , sorry for that.
                I am SQL expert , cleared 1Z0-047 in last month .Now i want to go for OCA . I am confused about next exam , which one shall i choose 1Z0-144 OR 1Z0-047 ?
                Could any one provide me some helpful information regarding the same . I have already gone through the oracle website but that didn't helped much.
                Looking forward for your suggestions.
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                  Hi Brandye,

                  I apologize about that. This exam was my first Oracle exam and I admit I had not entirely read the OCP candidate agreement.
                  When I have seen the post from Matthew explaining the issue I immediately removed my post.

                  I've learnt the lesson and I will not repeat the same error in future.

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                    I guess you meant 1z0-144 or 1z0-147.

                    You can check this thread: Exams to choose for OCA

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