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    Panel boxes in panel dashboard disappear while dragging and dropping

      I have following layout in one of my pages
                          -af:showDetailItem          (stretchChildren="first")
                               -af:panelDashboard     (columns="2" RowHeight="33%")
                                    5 more similar panel boxes
                          When I try to move any child panel box in the dashboard by dragging and dropping the panel box very quickly then the dragged panel box disappears. I am dropping the dragged panel box within the same dashboard on one of the other panel boxes.Finally, out of the 6 panel boxes only 1 remains in the dashboard which does not disappear this way.

      But if the drag and drop is performed slowly then it works fine.
      What can be the cause of this behaviour?

      jdev : JDEVADF_11.

      Harmeet Saini