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    Upgrade OPA's Siebel Connector from 10.3 to 10.4?

      Where can we find documentation on how to upgrade OPA from 10.3 Siebel Connector to be able to use 10.4. rulebases?

      At this time all the OPM 0.3 were uninstalled and 10.4 installed on top of it. The rulebases have been upgrade and release folders built.

      But we would like more documentation on the OPA server upgrade procedure... Is there an easy way to do this? We use IIS.

      Base'd on Frank's post how dowe do each of these for the "Connector" or siebel-determination-server, siebel-web-determination, and siebel-wd-determination folders....
      Copy the current server settings files to a new location and open them up in a text editor for future copy and paste.
      I need to stop IIS.
      Then I need to copy Web Determinations and Determinations Server directories on top of the existing directories.
      Then I need to go into the new settings files with a text editor and copy all my previous changes into the new settings files.
      I need to remove all the 10.3 rulesets from the server.
      Then I need to take all the rules and recompile them with OPA 10.4 and put the newly compiled rulesets into the deploy directory.
      Then I can restart IIS and test?