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    Errors using WLST to create AuditProvider

      I am working on a WLST script so we have a way to create our domains programmatically. One of our requirements is to have auditing turned on. I used the Record WLST script function to record my steps manually and tried to follow the same steps in my script and I haven't been able to create The AuditProvider yet. I am using Weblogic 10.3.4 in a linux environment.

      The code im running is along these lines


      the error I get says "Error: only getter and setter are supported"

      I have tried this before the domain is written as well as afterwards and get the same results. I have also tried replacing the cmo.createAuditor line
      with the following line
      create('myAuditor',''weblogic.security.providers.audit.DefaultAuditor') which yields an exception
      UnSupportedOperationException: Could not create generic operation:'weblogic.security.providers.audit.DefaultAuditor

      Scott Kimbrell