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    Bug in Run PL/SQL Declare section?

      create package user1.somepackage is

      type type_rec is record (
      n1 number,
      n2 number,
      n3 number

      type type_rec_cur is ref cursor return type_record;
      end somepackage;

      create package user2.otherpackage is

      function f1(a in number, b in number, c in number) return user1.somepackage.type_rec_cur;
      end otherpackage;

      connect as user3 with appropriate privileges
      open user2.otherpackage
      Press Ctrl+F10 and select function f1

      the displayed PL/SQL Block contains in declare section

      v_Return user2.otherpackage.user1.somepackage.type_rec_cur;
      instead of
      v_Return user1.somepackage.type_rec_cur;

      Oracle SQL Developer (3.1.07) on Windows 7