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    Issues with OSM 7.0.3: FindOrder and Type/Source

      Hello everybody,

      Was wondering how can we create order type/source inside the Design Studio. (In OSM 6.3, we had the facility to do that inside the Administrator).

      In case we don't have any middleware/CRM does OSM take a default order type/source?

      Also, while querying OSM using the webservices GetOrder and FindOrder I've been having the following issue:

      If we query using FindOrder for OrderSource:

      +<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/" xmlns:ord="http://xmlns.oracle.com/communications/ordermanagement">+
      +     </ord:SelectBy>+
      +     </ord:FindOrder>+

      We get the following error:

      +<faultstring>ORA-00904: "COMMUNICATIONSSALESORDER": invalid identifier : ORA-00904: "COMMUNICATIONSSALESORDER": invalid identifier</faultstring>+

      While if we query for OrderType it works correctly and in the response we see that both type and source are CommunicationsSalesOrder.

      If querying using both OrderType and OrderSource at the same time, the error we get is : Invalid source mnemonic: CommunicationsSalesOrder.

      Are we using the OrderSource wrongly? Is the FindOrder webservice working wrongly?

      Your assistance is highly appreciable.