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    Collect info before shutting down production BOX (Solaris 10)

      I am learning Solaris. I need some help.. In my current company there will be some maintenance work on our production Solaris server (OS version Solaris ). So we need to shutdown the server.

      1.what are the output i need to take before the shutdown .I have collected some o/p except these if you think i need to collect more o/p please let me know.

      df -h
      cat /etc/vfstab
      cat /etc/path_to_inst
      showrev -p
      ifconfig -a
      netstat -in
      netstat -rnv
      prtconf -pv | grep version
      cfgadm -al
      prtpicl -v
      iostat -E |grep -i error

      2.From #zoneadm list i have seen that , there is a childzone. We have ALOM console. when we will start the global zone server from ALOM console i will fire #poweron , but how i will start the childzone .