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    Client-server Video Streaming

      Hello! I have to do a project that is capable of streaming video from webcam using Java. I have to use a client-server architecture or p2p. The application would serve as a small video conference app (like skype), it should only stream video(no audio needed, no audio-video sync). For the server side i considered using apache Mina. I tried to use JMF but i wasn't able to get video from my webcam so I switched to FMJ. FMJ studio is able to play video from my webcam but is poor documented. I need some guidance in doing this project. I need some working examples, resources to get me started.

      I want to know how do I connect to Mina and stream those bits of data from one client to the other(If you consider that Mina is not the best approach to do this please tell me the better alternative).
      If you could provide me with some sample code, online resources, small projects, some advice, it would be very helpful for me.
      I have experience working with Java SE and i have done some desktop apps but I'm new to networking in Java.
      Thanks for your time!