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    What SAAJ package is used by WebLogic

      I have had many problems because there're different SAAJ packages with SOAP classes (e.g.):

      - com/sun/xml/internal/messaging/saaj/soap/ into rt.jar
      - com/sun/xml/messaging/saaj/soap/ into saaj-impl.jar

      When WebLogic uses classes from com/sun/xml/internal/messaging/saaj/soap/ and an application is created using classes from com/sun/xml/messaging/saaj/soap/, it throws exceptions like these when the app is deployed:

      com.sun.xml.internal.messaging.saaj.soap.LocalStrings != com.sun.xml.messaging.saaj.soap.LocalStrings


      java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/sun/xml/internal/messaging/saaj/soap/SAAJMetaFactoryImpl

      My solution was create a weblogic.xml descriptor with saaj reference and including saaj-impl.jar into the war.
      Question is: Can I know what SAAJ package is being used WebLogic Server?

      I'm using WebLogic Server 11g (v. Thanks in advance.