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    Initiating multiple ABCS Provider Instances from a single EBS Instance

    Mohamed Chargui

      Currently as part of an integration initiative we are design the following integration Flow:

      1) We have one single requester Application; We design the related ABCS requester
      2) We Use on single EBS. We are using the Synch operation of the EBS
      3) We have 2 Provider ABCS

      Our business requirement is as follows:
      if a single message is fired from the requester application through the requester ABCS, it has to be published to both of the provider applications through the provider ABCS components. In fact one single requester ABCS instance will be created, one single EBS instance and 2 Provider ABCS instance have to created

      Can you please suggest how we can design the EBS service in such way that 2 Provider ABCS instances will be created from on single EBS instance

      Thanks in advance

      Best regards

      Mohamed Chargui