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    Oracle database 11g certification for Java developer

      I'm Java developer, OCPJP 6 ( Oracle Certified Professional, Java Programmer +6+ ) and
      I decided to pass exams: 1Z0-051 and 1Z0-052 to get OCA ( Oracle Database +11g+ Administrator Certified Associate ) certificate,
      but I need some advice, maybe i should seek other certificate, that would be more valuable for Java developer, than OCA.

      Thanks for advice.
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          You would find either the PL/SQL developer OCA (exam 1z0-144 in addition to your existing exam) or 1z0-047 (SQL OCE Expert) possibly valuable and useful and relevant certifications.

          Alternative MY*SQL developer exams may also be useful, but they are a little expensive and overrated IMHO until a new version comes out.

          All the above are my opinions only.
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            Matthew Morris
            The answer of whether a particular certification is valuable depends on you, not the tests themselves. The Oracle Certified Master for example is an extremely prestigious certification, and I have considered seeking it at some point in the future to improve my professional credentials. However, the same certification would have absolutely no value to my wife, because she's a homemaker with no interest or intent of ever working with Oracle.

            Using an example a little closer to yours, only reversed --- I work as a DBA and PL/SQL developer. On several occasions I have dabbled with Java, and took a couple of classes when I worked for Oracle. I could code in Java if I had to, but wouldn't really be good without a lot of practice. However, I've never really had a sufficient need in my work to dig in and really practice enough to use it. I considered going for the Oracle Java certifications as a means of kick-starting that and getting to the point where it was really a viable option in my development. Ultimately I decided not to because I've been working with Oracle for better than fifteen years and there has never been an occasion where I really felt a need to know Java. If I were to spend a bunch of time improving my Java skills just for the certification, there's no guarantee I would ever use them after that.

            Coming back to you -- if you already need SQL and DBA skills in your work, then those certifications should be of value to you immediately. If you think that you might work (or want to work) more with SQL and DBA-level skills in the future, then they should be of value to you in the future. If you won't use the skills now or ever, then the exams do nothing but add a line to your resume (which still has value, but you must determine how much).

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              Thanks for replies, advices are valuable and
              specially thanks matthew_morris for really great answer.