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    Someone please help a complete beginner with Enterprise Manager!

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      Someone please help a complete beginner with Enterprise Manager!

      Please be gentle with me, I'm absolutely new to all this. We don't have a proper DBA and I've been tasked with the role. There is no-one else in the company with oracle experience and we don't have any support. Until now I've just used enterprise manager to manage the database, but now I have a problem..

      We are using Windows Server 2003 and Oracle 10g. I (stupidly) installed some network monitoring software on our server (PRTG network monitor). I almost immediately uninstalled it and all components/registry settings, but it seems to have thrown something out regards the OEM web interface.

      We used to access the OEM GUI through http://<hostname>:5500/em, but after installing/uninstalling the network monitor software the OEM webpage would only stay up for a few minutes, before saying 'Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage'. Restarting the DBconsole in services fixed the problem, but again, only for a few minutes.

      Spent all day yesterday looking at logfiles (they didn't make much sense to me), but seemed to be saying access was denied to the server ('actively denied it'). Lots of googling led me to believe I needed to reconfigure OEM by dropping and recreating it using:

      emctl stop dbconsole
      emca -deconfig dbcontrol db
      emca -repos recreate

      during this process I was asked for various passwords and a port number? I didn't even know what to use as the port number but guessed it was 5500 ?!? (probably wrong). As it didn't work I used the default port number that I found somewhere on the web.

      However now I am even deeper in the **** as this didn't work either, (some error about listnener?) and I have now lost the DBConsole in windows services. Obviously the OEM web console doesn't work at all now

      I would be eternally grateful for some patient, beginners help here..I can post whatever log files are necessary - I just need to know what I'm supposed to be doing and where to start..

      We used to log on to the OEM as 'SYSTEM', but nowhere in the process does it seem to ask me for the password for that (its asked me for SYS and SYSMAN)

      It could be that I'm going about this completely wrong, but with only a days experience in all this its pretty hard to know what I'm doing really!

      As you can tell I'm in way over my head..I just need OEM web interface to work!

      Thanks in advance