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    Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c - Migration Plan

      Dear all.

      I've got a scenario that is composed:

      HW: IBM XSeries 445, 16Gb RAM, 4 processors dual core each
      OMS: Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c
      OS: Oracle Enterprise Linux 5.7
      DB: OEM12REP and RMAN
      ASM: +ASM

      That OME12REP database is the repository for OMS and OMA uploaded files (monitored agents). The RMAN database is the catalog for my backups.

      The thing is: We're getting new hardware for the OEM 12c which has more hardware requirements than the one it's installed. I must "draw" a migration plan. I've been thinking about a total new installation on the new server restoring and recovering the db OEM12REP from backup.

      I'd like to know with you guys what are the best practices for a migration of a OEM Server. How should I proceed? After a full new installation on the new HW, restore and recover of the db, how will the agents work? I know that I have to put'em down and than restart using configurations for the new server. But, will the information be updated as if it was like the old server?

      Thanks in advance.
      Bruno Palma
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          It sounds like your plan is to migrate both the Repository and the OMS to the new server.

          For repository migration follow these steps:

          For migration of the OMS follow these steps:

          Regards, Mark.
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            Your 11g agents will not work with 12c since the entire OEM architecture is new from the ground up. That's the bad news. the good news is that deploying new agents is a breeze with 12c (once the 11g agents are removed)
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              Actually we haven't got any 10g and 11g agents running on our environment. The entire environment is compose of 12c components. I've been studying the articles sent up there cos basically is what we look for. We need to migrate our OMS and Repository (+ASM, OEM12REP db, OMS_HOME, AGENT_HOME) from a machine to another hardware we'll buy, and after that point the agents 12c to that new server.

              Bruno Palma
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                I tried the following the steps in below documentation:


                Till step 8 everything worked fine and seems to be working but Step 9 did not work for me. Initially I "OK" button in the Weblogic domain change window was disabled then I started up the management agent in old OMS and could the "OK" button but then it could not change the Weblogic Hostname in the Weblogic Domain window. Later I found that I can delete the old target and add Weblogic Target with New OMS host but I was not sure about that and till that time had played around the config files so did not waste time and did fresh installation.

                I would say if you are doing the migration using these steps just carefully gather info and work-arounds on Step 9, otherwise all it should work for you. Also let me know if you could this step elaborated. The documentation is not much clear about this.

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                  Hi Amit

                  Thanks for the response. I'll open a SR to get Oracle in this migration too, as we have support for that. We'll need to have a look carefully at these docs cos they are the line to be followed. The greatest thing is the entire environment composed by 12c components, it means we won't migrate OMS and OMA versions, but it's necessary to migrate from one machine to another.

                  As soon as we get the environment migrated, I'll update the information here with issues and workarounds we encountered.

                  Bruno Palma