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    How to find agent home

      How to find OEM agent home ?

      I need to install the OEM grid agent again on the DB server and register again in OEM . Can anyone please tell the steps for doing so ?
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          Loc Nhan -Oracle
          Assuming this is a pre EM 12c agent on a non-Windows platform, you can find an entry for the agent home in /etc/oratab or /var/opt/oracle/oratab depending of the OS platform.

          The following sample oratab entry showing the Oracle home for the agent is /u01/oracle/agent11g:

          To uninstall an agent, see:

          To install an agent, see:

          Note: If the agent and its monitored targets are still in the repository (e.g., the console still shows them), you might want to remove them before reinstalling the agent to avoid having upload problems due to duplicate targets later on.

          - Loc
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            I have four instances in a server. So will I have a single OEM agent on that server which will be identified by four instances or each instance will have a individual agent which will under its oracle_home.

            I didn't find any entry for agent home in /etc/oratab.
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              Loc Nhan -Oracle
              If you use Grid Control, then you should install an agent in a separate Oracle home and use that agent to monitor the database instances.

              An entry is added to the oratab file when root.sh is run during the post-installation phase. If you don't find an entry for the agent home in the file, then either root.sh was not run or someone has modified the file. By the way, if the agent target is still on the console, you can find the Oracle home of the agent there (e.g. from the agent home page).
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                Loc Nhan -Oracle
                I should have mentioned that an agent's home is registered in file <Oracle Inventory Location>/ContentsXML/inventory.xml.
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                  Venkata Thiruveedhi-Oracle

                  If you have four instances on this server, single agent installed will capture the information of all the instances and will populate the data to the Grid Control to which this agent is pointed to.

                  Just run the following command:
                  ./emctl status agent
                  ./emctl config agent listtargets - lists all the targets configured with this agent.

                  Best Regards,
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