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    EBS login Blank page appeared after cloned


      I cloned three tier (web tier + appl tier + database tier) to single tier machine . I used to clone the application tier merge option. After precloned, I just copied the application tier apps and inst file to target system and run it adcfgpost clone. Here everything looks fine. the cloning process was done without errors. but when i try to access url page, it appear blank page, I cann't see login page. Please advise me what should i do now?

      I run autoconfig also, It comleted successfully

      Note : when i enter url, it automatically redirected to AppsLocalLogin.jsp

      my opmn status

      [appltrng@erptraining scripts]$ ./adopmnctl.sh status

      You are running adopmnctl.sh version 120.6.12010000.5

      Checking status of OPMN managed processes...

      Processes in Instance: EBSTEST_erptraining.erptraining.ace-ins.com
      ias-component | process-type | pid | status
      OC4JGroup:default_group | OC4J:oafm | 25887 | Alive
      OC4JGroup:default_group | OC4J:forms | 25810 | Alive
      OC4JGroup:default_group | OC4J:oacore | 25593 | Alive
      HTTP_Server | HTTP_Server | 25502 | Alive

      adopmnctl.sh: exiting with status 0

      adopmnctl.sh: check the logfile /u01/EBSTEST/inst/apps/EBSTEST_erptraining/logs/appl/admin/log/adopmnctl.txt for more information ...

      EBS Version : 12.1.3
      Database Version :
      OS : redhat 5.6 64bit

      Mohamed Azar