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    UCM 10G workflow reject issue

    Nir S-Oracle

      I have unsolved issue with workflow rejected items.

      My Workflow has 3 steps (A, B and C):
      - Step A - is a review step assigned for sysadmin with 0 reviewer (I make some property population in this step and move the doc for step B or C)
      - Step B - need 1 person approve (Review) or reject.
      - Step C - assign for sysadmin for some procedures with 0 reviewers required.

      When someone reject items on step B the item return to "contribution" step assigned for sysadmin but sysadmin couldn't return (Approve) the item back to step B.

      My questions are:
      1. Is it possible to define a new step R and configure step b that in case of reject in step B jump to step R instead "contribution".
      2. Due the fact that I can't checkout and check in rejected items (exist), do I have any solution to mark these items as approved and move them back to step B?

      Any suggestions are welcome.

      Thanks in advance,
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          This is a common issue. When an item is rejected it goes back to the previous "edit" step.
          In your design the previous edit step is the "contribute" step, or step 0.

          The reason is simple. If a person rejects a revision, then that revision needs to be modified before it can be approved. But what you are trying to do is have an item get rejected and then sent straight back for approval. That doesn't make sense! There needs to be an edit step somewhere.

          Try reading this:
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            Nir S-Oracle
            Hi webmonkeymagic,

            Thanks for the help. Due the fact that I didn't need to change revision the offered solution answer the requirement.

            Best regards,