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    Upgrade from to


      Can someone please help me find the the upgrade patch to go from to on Solaris SPARC64. I'm completely lost.

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          Marcus Rangel
          It is inside MOS/Metalink now (https://support.oracle.com).

          Moreover, the recommended installation procedure has changed. The download will be a full version and you are supposed to install it on a different ORACLE_HOME, then upgrade the databases.
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            I went to OTN and they only have can I get
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              Srini Chavali-Oracle
              Download from My Oracle Support, then install it in a separate ORACLE_HOME (it is a full install). Then follow the steps in the Upgrade Guide

              Important Changes to Oracle Database Patch Sets Starting With [ID 1189783.1]     
              Complete checklist for out-of-place manual upgrade from previous 11.2.0.N version to the latest 11.2.0.N patchset. [ID 1276368.1]     

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                Here doc which have the location for

       Patchset Location For Grid Infrastructure And RDBMS. [ID 1362393.1]

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                  -- The and later patchsets are a full release.
                  -- The 11.2 Patchset Installer does not update existing 11.2 installations.
                  -- The install process performs a new installation whether you are doing out-of-place upgrade or in-place upgrade.
                  -- Refer Metalink ID-1276368.1
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                    Hi you can download the patch from 10404530 patch from support.oracle.com. To download this you must have support from oracle.


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                      I know you're probably finished with your upgrade, but personally, I get tired of people saying "all you have to do is...". My upgrade included the grid infrastructure, which was a problem. The issue seems to be that the Oracle roadmap is difficult to piece together for us, "experienced" RAC DBAs.

                      First read "Things to Consider Before Upgrading to Grid Infrastructure/ASM [ID 1363369.1]"

                      The amazing thing is that you can't find references to this doc, by searching. I had to open a severity 1 ticket, because my cluster was in ashes. I was assigned a resource from the Oracle RAC team, that truly saved the day.

                      1. Make sure your prereqs are done. For me it was "NOTE: “Or PATCH 9706490 if on AIX, Solaris or HP”"
                      2. Don't rely on 'sudo' for your root work. ALWAYS have a pound prompt.
                      3. Backup everything.