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    EPM configuration


      I recently did an EPM install on Solaris 64 bit (Shared Services + Hyperion Interactive reports) and it looks good so far.

      Just had a quick question - The default application port picked by installer during configuration for SS, workspace and Reporting and Analysis is 9000, instead of 28080 for SS.

      The Oracle HTTP port is 19000. Is this a cause of concern to run all applications on the same port? Will this have any impact on performance ?

      Thanks in Advance!!
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          Krishna Kumar K P-Oracle

          I believe you have selected the option "Deploying EPM System Web Applications to a Single Managed Server" .When you select this option, all server names are changed to EPMServer0, and all ports are changed to 9000 or 9443 (SSL).

          This is mentioned in the epm_install_1112200.pdf on chapter 9 page 221.


          When deploying a Web application in the single managed server, you must use the Web Server port (<machine_name>:<web_server_port>) to connect from the server or the client to the Web application. For example, <machine_name>:19000 is the default for Oracle HTTP Server and <machine_name>:9000 is the default for the proxy server.
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            Thanks again KK.

            I think I'll have to reconfigure my EPM prod env to make it similar to test. I'm presuming that I'll be able to deploy the web applications to different managed servers without deleting the database schemas for IR and foundation ? Let me know if I'm wrong ?

            On another note, I'm having issues with IE9 on 64-bit windows7 machine. IE9 crashes when an IR report is opened using Hyperion IR Web Client. Have tried different browser settings and went through the documentation over and over again, but IE9 keeps crashing. I'm using Oracle HTTP server.

            Though IR reports when opened through IR web client works fine with IE9 on 32-bit windows7 machine.