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    Revoke user query OIM10g


      I am using OIM 10g. I current implementation i have multiple AD resource with different status (Provisioned,Revoked,Pending) for same user. So in this case how to determine which resource is currently associated with target system.
      Does anybody has query which will determine which user's AD resource is revoked.

      thanks in advance
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          Rajiv Dewan
          Whatever is in Provisioned state that will be associated with Target System

          For more info:

          Hint: Search your desired data in ORC, OIU, OST, UD_ADUSER tables
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            With generic configuration:

            1. Provisioned: This should be the one you are looking for. Default configuration set this status when target account creation with complete task is successful.
            2. Revoked: Check you revoked status configuration: Mostly i assume revoke task would have removed the account from the target earlier. Inactive account object. Ignore it.
            3. Pending: Definitely this one is an unsuccessful object w.r.t. target user account creation.

            You could edit the process form for (1. Provisioned) and verify that any change propagates to target. That way you would be able to validate the above understanding

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              Gyanprakash Pandey

              See if this helps:
              select usr.usr_login, usr.usr_status, obj.obj_name, ost.ost_status, act.act_name from oiu, usr, ost, obj, usg, act where oiu.usr_key=usr.usr_key and oiu.ost_key=ost.ost_key and ost.obj_key=obj.obj_key and usr.act_key=act.act_key and ost.ost_status in ('Revoked');