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    Problem setting up dependent / cascading LOVs with af:query search form

      I have a read-only search view and a number of read-only LOV views configured in ADF BC (

      I am building a search form (using af:query) and have a number of dependent / cascading LOVs configured and associated with attributes within the search view.

      Based on the forum posts and documentation I have read - I have configured:

      Under Attributes within the search view:

      - Under "List of Values" configured the appropriate LOV
      - Under "UI Hints" setup the attributes that have the cascading LOVs associated with them to have "Auto Submit" set to True on the UI Hints tab for the attribute.
      - Under "Dependencies", added the attributes that the LOV is dependent on

      Under View Accessors

      - For each LOV, edit the view accessor to associate the appropriate attributes to the bind variables

      When I select a value within the first LOV in the af:query region, the other List of Values drop downs do not seem to update.

      When I perform the search by clicking on the search button - the results are displayed and the dependent list of values do seem to have the updated list of values based on the criteria.

      Is there a way that I can get the dependent LOVs to update at the time that a value is selected within the master LOV, rather than needing to wait for the search to happen?