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    Concurrent HOST program calling a proc to log using fnd_file.put_line

      Hello all,

      I have a concurrent HOST program that does 3 main things
      1. Calls a sqlplus program to do some initializing. This program is a proc in a package.
      2. Runs sqlldr to load data to custom tables.
      3. Calls a sqlplus program to do manipulate the data. This program is a proc in a package.

      In step 3 of above, the package procedue does a "submit_request" to call the "Supplier Open Interface Import". This
      request actually fires. However my problem is the subsequent call to fnd_file.put_line(fnd_file.log, 'Test message'), does not get logged
      to the log file of the HOST program, nor to the log file of the "Supplier Open Interfface Import" log file. A check
      of $APPLPTMP (or /usr/tmp) shows that a file of say " l0023761.tmp" contains my 'Test message' text.

      I believe the problem is that the put_line() call has no association with the HOST or the "Supplier Open Interface Import. How
      do I associate the logging to either program? Is it even possible? I want the logging, so as to see the progress
      of the HOST program.

      The sniippet of proc code is:

      PROCEDURE abc() IS
      (Application => 'SQLAP'
      ,Program => 'APXSUIMP'
      ,Description => NULL
      ,Start_time => SYSDATE
      ,Sub_Request => FALSE
      ,Argument1 => 'ALL'
      ,Argument2 => 1000
      ,Argument3 => 'N'
      ,Argument4 => 'N'
      ,Argument5 => 'N'

      fnd_file.put_line (fnd_file.log,'Test message');
      END abc;