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    Bold the data

      select 'sal' as A from dual
      union all
      select 'Comm' from dual



      How can i make the sal as bold. I would like to do only Sal. is there anyway i can put this in select query

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          It really depends on where do you execute this statement. If you execute this in some kind of html region then you could add <bold> tag inside query.

          select '<bold>' || 'sal' || '</bold>' as A from anytable
          union all
          select 'Comm' from anytable
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            It is in Reports region. it is not html region. It is classic report

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              "910011"'s solution will suffice, although not necessarily 'best' practice (placing literal values in SQL).

              Other options include using the Column Formatting options in the column definition - this may also require other hidden columns to be present, if using HTML expression to solve your particular problem.

              Another option is to use a report template, similar to the way "Alternative Row Colour" works.

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                I think the tag you are looking for is
                i.e. i don't think
                is a valid tag.

                To expand on scotts suggestions, i think something like this:

                select 'Sal' as a, 'bold' css from dual
                union all
                select 'Comm', 'normal' css from dual
                Making the css column hidden.

                Adding a html expression to the field such as:
                <span style="font-weight: #CSS#">#A#</span>
                e.g. http://apex.oracle.com/pls/apex/f?p=64351:4
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                  Awesome. Thank you.