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    H-Tree or Hierachy structure inside the region in OAF page.

      hi all,

      I am having a requirement to have a hierarchy kind of architecture in the oaf page.


      1 new OAF page needs to be created.
      2.this page will have 2 regions assume header and details.

      Ex: header region

      will have some field employee,age,sex and other details.

      details region

      For that employee who are all the hierarchy or suboridinates.


      in 2nd region(detail region) i need to display the records like this assume am taking the values from employee table
      for this region,assum francis as manager and rest like charles,carlos,martin allare his subordinates of under working him
      There might be chances still under charles also there might be few employee stil drill down the hierarchy as below.

      1.The requirement is what ever the hierarcy we are having the table(assume from some basetable) we need to show like this in oaf page(region2 header).
      2.Each and every line will have a checkbox say employee to choose''
      3.Assume I have given some datas for header region1(Francis) and saved it(assume some custom table).
      4.assume i have stored Francis after saving it..
      5.The 2ndregion detials should pick and show the corresponding values from the table as below
      6.from the below hierarcy assume Martin check box is checked then the corresponding entries available in the header region
      will be belongs to only the check box enabled line(Martin).

      NAME Employee to Chose
      + Francis
      Ramachandran checkbox
      +Charles             checkbox
      carlos checkbox
      Martin checkbox (check enabled)for this example
      +Antony              checkbox
      Robert checkbox
      Alvero checkbox

      Hope i have explained to my extend to to make my requirements clear to all. if not please let me know so that i can provide you more details.

      Could anyone suggest me on below points.

      how can i achive the hierarcy funtionlities inside the region of OAF?
      I am not sure whether this funtionality can be feasible?

      Any sample code/ideas/thoughts anything could give me a hand to proceed on this requirement.

      Eagerly waiting for your response.