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    Getting Problem Building Schema Exception

      Hi All,

      I'm getting an exception in my BPEL Process iis it not able to show the child element residing the WSDL from Assign activity where it is mapped to a variable. From Invoke acitvity if I'm clicking on the
      choosing partnerLink it is showing all of them fine but from assign activity it is not showing an exception as Problem Building Schema.

      How to reolve the issue. Your help will be highly appreciated as i need to reolve the issue ASAP.

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          Hi All,

          1. Open JDeveloper and the BPEL console
          2. Develop the asynchronous BPEL process, which comprises
          PARTNER LINK_1 --browse wsdl file from local file system
          INVOKE_1--to invoke the above partner link and create input & out variables
          3. save it
          4. In JDeveloper select Menu 'View -> Structure'
          5. In the new window, select 'Variables -> Process -> Variables
          6. Expand (+) the variable which we have created at INVOKE_1 activities
          7. You'll receive an error message: 'Exception - Problem building schema!'.

          Problem description:
          In the BPEL process, customer invokes a web service using a partner link('Partnerlink_1).
          To do this, customer placed the Partner link on corresponding WSDL file (requestdata.wsdl) and had BPEL Designer make a local copy plus requestdataRef.wsdl file.
          After that, drag an Invoke('Invoke_1') into the BPEL diagram, double click and select Partner Link 'Partnerlink_1' and Operation 'GetServiceRequestData'.
          Input and output variables were created using the 'Auto-create input/output variable' buttons in the same dialog.
          This creates the 'Invoke_1_GetserviceRequestData_InputVariable' and 'Invoke_1_GetserviceRequestData_OutputVariable' variables.
          In the structure window, when trying to expand the 'Variables -'Invoke_1_GetserviceRequestData_InputVariable - parameters' node, you'll receive an error message:
          'Exception - Problem building schema!'.

          Please can anybody can share how this issue can be resolved.

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            When you've added the .wsdl file, a copy should have been created in your localy folder. Did it?
            If so, enter the .wsdl file - verify that you see the message part(built on the XSD on target wsdl).
            Try to refresh the 'structure view' - sometimes you have to do it in order to see changes you have made.
            Were you able to call other wsdl (other bpel process you've deployed)? Try that.

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              Please check the following.

              1. Check your requestdata.wsdl file to see, whether the schema is inline or from another .xsd file.
              2. If from other file, check its host name.
              3. If available from same project, open the .wsdl and mouse over on and request and response to see whether it populates the input and output message

              I think the xsd used by requestdata.wsdl is having localhost in their path.

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                Hi All,

                I'm using an Reference.wsdl file from where it's importing another wsdl through the elements gets imported into the process , but I'm able to see the values when I'm clicking on the partnerLink and navigating
                to that locatio but from variable which i have created i'm not able see anything. Here we are not using any xsd to refer it for.

                What to do in such scenarios.

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                  try to reference service without importing the wsdl and its artifacts into the project.
                  i mean when you pass the wsdl url in webservice wizard then uncheck the option "copy wsdl and its dependent artifacts into the project" and then check if you are getting the same error or not.