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    Displaying one icon for each record  based on a condition

      Hi People,
      I am developing an application using forms 6i with oracle 10g.I have 'Grant' and 'Deny' options in my application.I also have two icons one is TICK icon and next one is WRONG icon.according to the status('Granted' or 'Denied') corresponding icons should be displayed for me.for this i have used multirecord block consisting of 10 records.Below is my sample code.
      Using this code i am able to obtain the visibility of icons but it affects the entire column.For instance,if the first records status is 'Granted' then TICK icon should be displayed at runtime.similarly if second records status is 'Denied' then WRONG icon should be displayed for me.but for me the TICK icon is displayed for all the 10 records if the status of the first record is 'Granted'.How to make the corresponding icons visibled according to the status('Granted' or 'Denied'). Kindly give me a solution.

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