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    OID OIM Recon error

      Hi All,

      On a new development installation of OID and OIM, I am getting the following error while trying to run User reconciliations:

      LDAP: error code 53 - Function Not Implemented, search filter attribute modifytimestamp is not indexed/cataloged

      How can I add the appropriate index to allow these tasks to run?

      PS: I'm a newbie, so please explain in detail. Thanks in advance.
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          Rajiv Dewan
          OID Connector Guide

          * Configuring the Target System*

          You must configure incremental and role reconciliation by making the
          modifytimestamp and roleoccupant attributes, respectively, searchable attributes.
          To configure the target system for incremental or role reconciliation:
          1. If you want to configure incremental reconciliation, then make modifytimestamp a
          searchable attribute. To do so, use the catalog.sh file to index modifytimestamp.

          OID connector and modifyTimestamp attribute
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            Gyanprakash Pandey
            You need to index modifyTimeStamp attribute in OID to make it searchable. You can use following command to index the same:
            catalog -connect <server_name> -add TRUE -attribute modifytimestamp

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              Thanks for the suggestions. They solved the initial problem. I now am able to run the "OID User Target Recon" task successfully but, no OID users are reconciled into OIM. I double checked the OID IT Resource parameters and the scheduled task parameters and all of them seem correct. Any suggestions?
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                Gyanprakash Pandey
                Go to event management and see if your reconciliation events are generated are not. If not, make timestamp parameter in schedule task to '0' and rerun the target recon. If recon events are generated, select any event and see what error it is showing.

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                  I am able to see the same issue even after setting the timestamp field to 0. I understand the timestamp should be updated in the IT resource but its not happening in my case even after I run the scheduler number of times.

                  Please help.