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    Building a data warehouse

      I am new to data warehousing.I am trying to build a data warehouse for
      Consumer Price Index and so I
      have downloaded data from the Bureau of Statistics.It is in excel format
      and since I am working with Oracle Warehouse Builder I have converted it
      to .csv file so that I can use it a data source.

      Question1: Is it practical to use single .csv file a source of data for a data
      warehouse?By the day has many rows of data.

      Question2: I have 3 dimensions tables and a fact table.The dimensions
      are one for the Region(as the date is organized in region,states etc),two is
      the consumer goods and sevices(as the data is organized in groups of
      goods and services,services/goods types) and finally time(year and month),
      now how am I going to do the mapping here?Is it possible to do a one to
      one mapping here as all data required by the dimensions is located in the
      .csv file
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          Actually you don't have "just" dimensions, they are hierarchies (meaning a year consists of months etc.).
          I guess technically you could do a mapping to your one excel. I wouldn't do it though (it requires calling functions on your data to know whether January is part of 2012 or 2011 e.g.), I would transform the one Excel into different tables for performance reasons (unless you cache or don't have a tremendous lot of data).
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            So you mean for my case I would have a table for region,consumer and time?is that what you imply?
            and do i do that manually?if it's a lot of data and i do that manually dont you think it's going to take
            a lot of time?