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    sql server - oracle database problem

      I am trying to make a connection from an Oracle database installed on a server with a linux OS to a Sql server on my local computer.
      I have installed an OWB client 10g on my local computer where I have my SQL Server.
      I have started by creating a dns for a sql server on my local computer called sqlserver.
      I have modified the listener.ora file from the server by creating a new listener:
      odbc_listener =
      (ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL = TCP) (HOST = oracle_host )

      (ORACLE_HOME= oracle_home )

      I have added a new entry in the tnsnames.ora file in the database network/admin folder:
      (HOST = local pc ip ) (PORT=1522)

      I have also created an initsqlserver.ora file in hs/admin folder in the oracle database where I have specified the name for de DSN
      HS_FDS_CONNECT_INFO = sqlserver

      Still, I can't create a successful ODBC location from the OWB i have installed on my local computer. I get the typical Oracle connection error.
      Is there anything else I have to modify in order to make this connection possible?
      I don't understand very well how can a remote database connect to a local sql server using just that dsn.

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