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    Input Agent Sample File and mappings


      I'm working on a project where I need Documents exported from OFR to be imported to IPM. I'm defining an input agent to monitor the input directory where exported files from OFR are located. I did all the configurations needed in EM,defined the agent in IPM, however, the input agent is not working.

      I guess the problem is with the input agent definition, esp the sample file. I'm finding difficulty in understanding the "Sample File" (what does it represent, where shall it be located, to where the "file path" in it should be indicating).

      Please advise
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          For the sample file itself, it defines the format in which the input file would be setup for the input agent to import documents into IPM.

          For the path of where the input file is present, log in to the em console and when you open the IPM managed M-beans you would have the path defined for the input file.

          Check this out and you would be in a good position to understand input agents.