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    How to decide Hardware Configuration of servers for EPM

      Hi all,

      I am faced with problem as to how to decide the Hardware configuration for the servers? I have a distributed architecture with 3 servers with the planning , essbase, EPMA , Financial Reporitng and Web Analysis. I am using Oracle database for RDBMS. I have the following servers :

      1st Server - Linux Server - with the web tier installed on this .
      2nd Server LInux server - Oracle RDBMS and ESSBASE service
      3rd Server - Windows 2008 Server RA framework , print service , Financial Reporting , EPM Dimension Server.

      Suppose I will have 2 Planning applications with monthly data loads.

      What should be the Hardware configuration that should be optimum do you think ?
      In the epm installation start here document only the minimum requirements are given . I have noticed that if we follow the minimum requirements given we are able to install and configure but the performance becomes a great issue later on.

      Any advice as of how to properly estimate the hardware configuration of the servers?

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