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    OWB Assign Process Flow Operator

      I need some help undestanding how the assign operator works.
      For example, I may create a new process flow variable to which I want assign the output value from one mapping.
      What I don t get is what is the difference between the value and variable inside the assign operator.
      You can bind them both to the new process flow variable created.
      Can someone help me understand why there are two variables which don't communicate to each other but only with outsite variables?
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          David Allan-Oracle
          Variable is the left hand side of the assign '=' operation, value is the right hand side.

          variable = value

          There is an example of a for loop here;

          If you read my comments at the end of this blog post below you will get some more background;

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            Thanks for your answer, it's been helpful. So, variable = value.
            Ok, so if value is binded to an outside variable called v1 then variable has the value of v1.
            But if variable is also binded to an outside variable called v2 while value is binded to the v1 variable then the assigned value is which? I've seen you can bind them both and this I don't understand very well why.
            Wasn't it more logical to bind only the value variable to a certain outside variable?
            Thx and I'm sorry if it's an obvious answer but for me it just isn't.