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    Unable to create OLAP Metadata catalog in EIS

      We are planning on creating new Essbase apps using EIS to create and load from our relational data warehouse databases. Have worked with Essbase for many years, but never EIS. We are currently on 9.3.3 for all Hyperion apps. I successfully installed the Integration Services Server on our test environment (Windows) and verified that the service is running. Also installed the Integration Services Console on my PC. We created the Metadata catalog database/tablespace on our MS SQL Server (2008). Using the ODBC Data Source Administrator on the EIS server, I created a new ODBC data source for this database following the instructions in the EIS install guide and used the “SQL Server” driver as specified. I was able to get a successful test connection within the Data Source Administrator and successfully saved the Data Source. However, when I first use the Integration Services console and first try to create the Metadata catalog, I get the following error: ODBC Error [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Data source name not found and no default driver specified. I enter the correct EIS server name, but have to manually type in the Catalog ODBC DSN name as the one I created doesn’t show up in the drop down. I also verified that the correct administrator userid and password are used. What could I be missing or doing wrong? Thanks. Mike
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          As long as the ODBC connection tests correctly, there should be no problems logging into the EIS catalog. The only thing I can see that might have gone astray is the Server name you are using.

          " I enter the correct EIS server name" is not clear. Are you using the SQLServer2008 name or the Essbase server name? It should be the Essbase server name.

          It's no surprise that you had to type the ODBC DSN name into the window the first time. EIS is not smart enough to go looking for names. It is somewhat obsolete.

          Hope this helps,

          Tim Young
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            Yes, I am using the Essbase server name. The only other thing I can think of is the driver version. I just used the one called "SQL Server" which is what the install guide said. However, this is the 9.3.1 guide, so may be outdated info for 9.3.3. I did not use the DataDirect 6.0 drivers that were installed when I installed the Integration Services software on the server. Is it possible I need to download Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Native Client 10.0 and install that on the server? That is the other thing. There currently is no SQL client software installed on the EIS server. Could that be the problem? Thanks
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              I found the problem. We run Essbase/EIS on 64 bit server. I was using the standard ODBC Data Source Administrator from the Start/Programs to create my data source. However, this uses 32bit drivers. I needed to launch the data source admin from c:/windows/syswow64 which will use 64 bit drivers. Once I did this, I was able to create the Metadata Catalog. Info on this issue can be found in the following article: Troubleshooting Problems with Essbase SQL Interface and SQL / ODBC Data Sources [ID 1268756.1]