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    Upgradation S/w install query

      Hi friends,

      Im in the verge of obiee up gradation from to

      Soon after upgrading WLS to 10.3.6, i need to upgrade the FMW from to

      But im in doubt of to download which s/w for the FMW up gradation to the latest version

      As referring to the guide in the below link, it says


      it says to download more than 5 to 10 files..But which file i need to download to perform software-only install
      Oracle Fusion Middleware Product                                                   Patch Number on My Oracle Support
      Oracle Application Developer Runtime-------------------------------------------------------------13517051
      Oracle SOA Suite----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------13516755
      Oracle Service Bus---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------13517070
      Oracle WebCenter Portal------------------------------------------------------------------------------13516850
      Oracle WebCenter Content-------------------------------------------------------------------------    
       Oracle WebCenter Content 11g Release 1 (
      Oracle Information Rights Management 11g Release 1 ( ----------------13517061
      Oracle Identity Management---------------------------------------------------------------------13516867
      Web Tier Utilities-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------13516876
      Oracle Data Integrator---------------------------------------------------------------------------13517079
      Oracle Application Integration Architecture Foundation Pack-----------------------13516819
      Oracle Portal, Forms, Reports, and Discoverer-------------------------------------------See Section 5.8, "Special Instructions for Oracle Portal, Forms, Reports, and Discoverer Users"
      Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder--------------------------------------------------------------13739283
      Among the above which one i need to download, to upgrade FMW from to

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          Hi friends,

          Can anyone help me with the correct file that i need to download for my up gradation of FMW to the latest version.

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            Hi Mini,

            the FWM has got the complete package of the things which you have mentioned. follow the below links for upgrading the FMW from to



            Hope it helps.

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              Hi RM,

              Thanks for the reply. I got a link to download


              In that link i found the below like
              Oracle Business Intelligence, v.
              - for Microsoft Windows x86 (32-bit):
              Download Disk 1 (1of2) (1.4G) (cksum 2398089672)
              Download Disk 1 (2of2) (1.5G) (cksum 3513994538)
              Download Disk 2 (1of2) (1.7G) (cksum 2051171023)      
              Download Disk 2 (2of2) (975M) (cksum 2895515070)
              Download Disk 3 (1.2G) (cksum 746029236)
              Whether i need to download all the 5 disk files which of in size GB in order to upgrade from OBIEE to
              (i.e) i need to perform only software install by clicking the disk 1 folder. Since i got this clue from the below link


              which says that,
              Step2: Run the Installer:
                    Go to Disk1 folder inside the installation package folder
                    Run the following
              Skip Software Update, and then select Software Install Only
              Whether im going in the correct way.

              Thanks in advance.

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                Hi Mini,

                yes you need to download all the 5 zip files and extract them in a same folder (folder should contain all the 5 disks) and then from disk 1 you can start with the installation by selecting the software only installation and then upgrade the RCU and then copy the rpd,catalog etc files onto the new version.. thats it you are good to go and yes you are following the right approach.

                you can also follow this link for your reference http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E23943_01/bi.1111/e16452/bi_plan.htm#BABECJJH

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                  Hi RM,

                  Thanks now i have upgraded my WLS to 10.3.6 soon after applying the patch to my existing WLS 10.3.0.

                  I verfied that my WLS is upgraded successfully through referring to the below path
                  NEW8\wlserver_10.3\.product.properties and verify the below property.
                  where the WLS_PRODUCT_VERSION is set to

                  Soon after that i need to run the product installer like you said in your previous reply..

                  But before applying that product installer sofware only install, i think that i need to set the Web Logic domain to configure with the updated version of JRockit JVM, since i got this by referring through the below link


                  In that how i can verify whether my weblogic domain is setted correctly to the updated jrockit JVM file, soon after performing those steps that mentioned in the above link

                  i done like the following in my cmd prompt like
                  C:\Documents and Settings>cd..
                  SVR_GRP =
                  C:\NEW8\user_projects\domains\bifoundation_domain>set BEA_JAVA_HOME=C:\NEW8\jroc
                  C:\NEW8\user_projects\domains\bifoundation_domain>if "%JAVA_VENDOR%"=="Oracle" (
                  More?            set JAVA_HOME=%BEA_JAVA_HOME%
                  More? ) else (
                  More?            if "%JAVA_VENDOR%"=="Sun"
                  The syntax of the command is incorrect.
                  ( set JAVA_HOME=%SUN_JAVA_HOME%
                  More?                       ) else (
                  else was unexpected at this time.
                   set JAVA_VENDOR=Oracle
                   set JAVA_HOME=C:\NEW8\jrockit_160_29_D1.2.0-10
                  C:\NEW8\user_projects\domains\bifoundation_domain>                      )
                  Whether now the Web logic domain is configured to use the JVM or how i can confirm with this step inorder to proceed to my further steps.

                  But it is returning error like "The syntax of the command is incorrect."

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                    Hi RM,

                    Now i tempted to run the command without any spaces like the below in my cmd prompt
                    C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator>C:\NEW8\user_projects\domains\bifoundati
                    SVR_GRP =
                    C:\NEW8\user_projects\domains\bifoundation_domain>set BEA_JAVA_HOME=C:\NEW8\jroc
                    kit_160_29_D1.2.0-10if "%JAVA_VENDOR%"=="Oracle" (set JAVA_HOME=%BEA_JAVA_HOME%)
                     else (if "%JAVA_VENDOR%"=="Sun"( set JAVA_HOME=%SUN_JAVA_HOME%) else (set JAVA_
                    VENDOR=Oracleset JAVA_HOME=C:\NEW8\jrockit_160_29_D1.2.0-10))
                    Now it is not returning any error, but how i can confirm that my WLS domain is configured to use updated version of JRockit JVM.