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    AIA 2.4 to 11g migration


      I am trying to upgrade AIA 2.4 BPELs and ESBs to AIA 11g. When AIAMigrationUtility each BPEL and ESB is upgraded into a composite. I would like to have all BPELs and mediators in a single composite. Is there any tool that upgrades multiple AIA BPELs/ESBs into a single composite?

      I know about ant-sca-upgrade.xml which can migrate multiple 10.1.3.* projects into a single composite. But it does not perform required migrations steps for AIA BPELs/ESBs. Is there any other utility that can help?

      I am also wondering if the approach is correct or not. Should I try to combine all BPELs and ESBs in an AIA flow in a single composite or should I let each of them be in a composite of its own and then create a super composite connecting all composites?