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    LDAP syncronization

      Hello everybody, I guess this is the best place for my question.

      The problem / objective: I have an Oracle DB with information for clients (ie). And I want to store that information in an LDAP server and have that information syncronized with the Oracle DB.

      I alredy read A LOT about this but no luck. I have tried ApacheDS and Microsoft AD for the LDAP servers. I was able to install both of them and I was able to create a trigger in my OracleDB in order to trigger actions and add/delete/update records on the LDAP server. But, I need that the trigger works both ways. So I need a trigger in ApacheDS or AD. And here is the problem. This is not supported.

      While reading about this, I found information about Oracle Internet Directory. So, here is my first questions:

      1- Is OID an Ldap Server? I believe it is, but, is like Apache DS or AD? (In other words, is like a service which I can connect and implement CRUD operations?)
      2- OID is just supported/deplyed with Oracle 11g?
      3- Can I synchronize my Oracle DB with OID? I mean, if a change is made in the Oracle DB then this change is implemented on the OID, and backwards. (like triggers, in both ways)
      4- If OID is like AD, then, is this the best LDAP server to use?

      And talking about Microsoft Active Directory (AD), how can I achieve this?. I read about third party tools to do this (Quest Quick Connect, Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager), but I want to find another solution like triggers. (If is possible, if not.. then is not a solution :) ).

      Probably the questions are not very clear (the problem is clear), but I have a mess in my head now.. and I want some council about this.

      Thanks in advance.