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    11g Grid Control - Host Configuration Collection Problems

      Hi Guys,

      I just installed Oracle 11g Grid Control and it has been running for 2 weeks until I recently tried to walk through the parts of it.
      My intention was to clear off all the error messages, critical warnings, alerts, and policy warnings.

      When I arrived at the development summary box, on the home tab, I can see that there is 1 collection problem.
      When I clicked it, I saw that apparently the problem is with the host where I installed the grid control.
      Problem type: Warning during collection of Oracle Software
      message: Unknown WLS Home Location or WLS Version in Middleware Home /u01/app/oracle/product/middleware

      I tried clicking on the "Refresh Host" button, but it didn't solve the problem at all.

      I have also tried to take a look at the targets.xml however it seems the configuration in there are already pointing to the correct path to the weblogic home.

      Please let me know if anyone has a suggestion for this.
      Searching from google doesn't really return anything closely matched to this.