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    Oracle Standard Business Event not firing into SOA.


      I created a subscription in SOA for the standard business event (*oracle.apps.jtf.cac.task.updateTask*) using Oracle Apps Adapter. When the event is fired in the Oracle EBusiness Suite, I am expecting SOA to capture the payload and create an instance. The instances are not created.

      This is the workaround I did to check if the events are firing or not.

      1. Whenever a standard business event is fired, we can see a record in WF_DEFERRED queue. In this case too, I am able to see the record.
      2. From WF_DEFERRED, the data should flow into WF_BPEL_Q. I am unable to see a record in this table in my case.

      Which mean the events are firing but SOA is unable to capture the events. I tried to raise a JAVA event in the Oracle EBusiness Suite's workflow manager and SOA was able to capture the payload and an instance was created in weblogic EM. But when I update the task in the Oracle EBS, SOA is not able to capture the payload.

      Any inputs to fix this issue is greatly appreciated. Please help.

      Venkat Sai.