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    Essbase add-in data Read-only and outine


      I need to create a new user for a third party company that needs READ-ONLY access to ALL data at ALL levels. We also need to the essbase outline to be read-only for this user.

      We have a planning app but use the standard essbase add-in to access and 'lock and send' data back to the database. The read-only access is only through the add-in and should not have access to planning.

      I have tried to provision the 'View User' but I cannot access any database through the add-in.
      I have tried not giving 'Analytic Services Write access' but I can still lock and send.
      I have tried giving planner provision and them adding security filters on all dimensions in planning but when trying to access the data I get #NoAccess

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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          Hi ,

          In shared services , please go to user and right click on provisioning
          and then

          give access to application essbase -> filter
          Essbase server -> server access
          Reporting and analysis - >Dynamic viewe , explorer, viewer.

          let me know if it help and in case of query post a reply.