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    DVT map using Map Tile Layers based in map source Google Maps

      Hi everybody.

      My technologies are:
      - Jdeveloper 11g (
      - MapViewer Ver11_1_1_6_B120220
      - Oracle Database 11g
      - Google Maps V3

      I create a demo for integrate this technologies.

      I follow the next steps:

      1. In mapviewer, I create the map tile layes using google maps as source map
      2. in JSPX page, I create the dvt:map and set the map config for use the map tile layer defined before, in this point i can see the google maps when edit the dvt:map
      3. Run the page and the google map no show in the browser.

      I press F12 key for see the console in chrome tools and see then next information:

      Uncaught ReferenceError: G_NORMAL_MAP is not defined _AdfDhtmlGeoMap-SHERMAN-MLR-1249.js:29055
      MVGoogleTileLayer.finishLoadJs _AdfDhtmlGeoMap-SHERMAN-MLR-1249.js:29055
      (anonymous function)
      (anonymous function)main.js:43
      (anonymous function)main.js:24
      (anonymous function)main.js:43
      (anonymous function)main.js:43
      (anonymous function)

      Uncaught ReferenceError: GMap2 is not defined _AdfDhtmlGeoMap-SHERMAN-MLR-1249.js:29169
      x9 _AdfDhtmlGeoMap-SHERMAN-MLR-1249.js:29204
      MVGoogleTileLayer.init _AdfDhtmlGeoMap-SHERMAN-MLR-1249.js:29208
      MVMapView.transformGeom _AdfDhtmlGeoMap-SHERMAN-MLR-1249.js:18422
      MVMapView._f560 _AdfDhtmlGeoMap-SHERMAN-MLR-1249.js:20439
      MVMapView._f832 _AdfDhtmlGeoMap-SHERMAN-MLR-1249.js:20447
      x39 _AdfDhtmlGeoMap-SHERMAN-MLR-1249.js:16668
      MVMapView.transformGeom _AdfDhtmlGeoMap-SHERMAN-MLR-1249.js:18422
      MVMapView._f831 _AdfDhtmlGeoMap-SHERMAN-MLR-1249.js:16716

      Resource interpreted as Image but transferred with MIME type text/html: "http://maps.googleapis.com/maps/gen_204?ev=api_ads&cad=src:apiv3,ads:0".

      is it a bug in ADF javascript libs?

      I need any help.

      Thanks for advance