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    Some help with dynamic actions


      I have a little problem that I need help with.

      I have a page which has a popup lov item (P10_PARTY_ID) and next to that a button. The button opens a popup where you can create a new item (PARTY) for the LOV if it doesnt exist.

      I then have a dynamic action that reacts when the popup is closed and it is supposed to also set the value of the popup LOV item (PARTY) to the newly created party.

      It works if P10_PARTY_ID is just a text field. Then the value gets set to the newly created PARTY_ID, but if I change the item type to popup lov it doesnt work anymore. I have also tried adding a refresh action to P10_PARTY_ID to refresh the popup lov. That doesnt help either.

      Any help is appreciated.