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    Avoiding browser from stop responding with general error message on GUI

      My reports have some complex views, which may fail in case of selecting all DB data in the prompts.
      When user filter the alues in the prompts and minimize the data amount, the reports display ok.
      For example, I have prompt for 'FromDate' and 'ToDate' and I display hourly line time chart.
      If user select up to 30 days, the chart display ok, but if he select a period of a year,
      the chart will fail due to several possible error messages such as Out of Memory, Max values exceeded, etc'.
      Sometime the browser will even stop responding.

      I know I can limit the period of time to select, or add other limitations, but my question is more general:

      How can I display the user some general error message (in my own words if possible)
      in case of those errors ans stop the query from executing or the presentation layer from rendering the chart?

      I want to avoid the cases where the browser stop responding.