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    NPIV with LDOM 2.1?

      We want to use NPIV in LDOM controler to assign virtual port at each LDOM.
      I see the fcadm example to create virtual port: fcadm create-npiv-port -p 2000000000000001 -n 2100000000000001 210000e08b170f1c
      I see the fcinfo example to see the new virtual port: fcinfo hba-port
      but how I use the ldom command to assign this virtual port at specific ldom?

      We have qlogic FC card. I see some documentation about Emulex FC card, but I find nothing about Qlogic...

      Do you know Oracle documentation or any other documentation about this functionality?

      This functionality is supported for Live Migration?

      We use this concept in AIX since some years, that's more easy to manage big environment with multiple SAN.