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        Have you checked the options available under Read Only tab when you Edit the Select List?

        You have a variety of condition available, perhaps you can achieve what you want without resorting to DA / JS.

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          Hi Anil,

          Taking the lines from your previous post,

          I don't want to disable the item because it gets greyed out and makes reading the contents difficult, I juts want to make the select list and/or date picker readonly.

          if your concern is readability when its disabled, then you can use this code

          The work around would be

          Go to the select list item and in the element block: HTML Form Element Attributes
          Place the following code
          style="background:gray;color:black;" disabled="true"
          The other alternate option you have is to make the select list readonly by setting the true condition when the select list has to be readonly in "READ ONLY" option of the select list

          You cannot make select list item just readonly still having the drop down arrow next to it. You have to disable it to have the same look and feel with the arrow for a select list.

          Ramesh P.

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