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    SAS hba list

      is there any equivalent to fcinfo hba-port for SAS host bus adapters?
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          It's not same, but some infomration can give:

          cfgadm -alv | paste - - | grep sata

          grep mpt /etc/path_to_inst

          mpathadm list initiator-port
          For every initiator port from previos command,
          mpathadm show initiator-port <initiator from previos command>

          ( For SAS it show Transport Type: unknown )

          raidctl -l
          raidctl -l <controller number from  previos command>

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            Few additional questions.

            1) cfgadm -alv | paste - - | grep sata
            should not be grep sas here?

            2) mpathadm list initiator-port
            if I have for instance one Fibre Channel card (one hba) with 2 ports should this command show two different initiator ports?

            btw. If I have 2 different storages is there any way to distinguish to which storage (array) belongs LUN?

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              Best - test on system.

              1) - On my system it show as sata. It's strange, because it realy sas but ...
              2) Each port of same HBA will show as different Initiator.
              You can analyse device path for understand it's same card or not.

              For mapping storage and LUN.
              For FC:

              cfgadm -al -o show_FCP_dev - it's old form.
              cfgadm -al -o show_SCSI_LUN - new form

              In general case:

              Read http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E19957-01/819-0139/ch_3_admin_multi_devices.html

              Use mpathadm list lu for list LU.
              Run the mpathadm show lu logical-unit-name command.

              # mpathadm show lu /dev/rdsk/c4t60003BA27D2120004204AC2B000DAB00d0s2
              logical unit: /dev/rdsk/c4t60003BA27D2120004204AC2B000DAB00d0s2
                        Initiator Port Name: 2000000173818713
                        Target Port Name: 20030003ba27d212

              Select a target port from the output list.
              Run the mpathadm list lu -t target-port-name command.

              # mpathadm list lu -t 20030003ba27d212
                        Total Path Count: 2
                        Operational Path Count: 2
                        Total Path Count: 2
                        Operational Path Count: 2

              It's all LUN that present on this target port.